How Long Does Alcohol Stay In The Urine?

It is quite common to opt for a urine test to determine the alcohol levels in the body. There are two types of urine tests which are done for the purpose. One detects the presence of ethanol in the urine while the other identifies the byproducts of the alcohol breakdown in the body.

After the consumption of alcohol, some of it leaves the body via the breath, perspiration, and urine. The test which checks the presence of ethanol to detect the presence of alcohol in the urine remains positive for around one to two hours after alcohol has left the body.

It does not take long for alcohol to leave the body depending on your liver condition and the time taken for metabolism. The amount of alcohol that you have consumed also has a role to play.

The other test is able to detect the byproduct of alcohol metabolism, and it remains positive for a long time after alcohol has left the body. According to research, the duration is around 1 to 3 days.

How Long?

If we focus solely on the alcohol presence in the urine, the answer is around 12 to 36 hours. However, this is not a fixed duration. The duration varies depending on a number of factors. These include the duration which had elapsed since you last drank before the test and how much you had to drink.

Urine tests for alcohol are capable of detecting its presence for about 48 hours after consumption. Test for byproducts is usually done in cases where complete abstinence from the drink is necessary and it needs to be ensured that the person has been steering clear of the drink.