How To Measure, Reduce And Increase Humidity In House?

Humidity change occurs due to various climate changes. The changes in the humidity will affect the health conditions, inside and outside of the home, comfort for living in the home and so many problems.

The humidity level should be controlled to avoid the problem occur due to humidity. The measuring of humidity tells us the level of impact that will create. The increase of humidity level can also reduce the health problems occur in a winter season.

On the other side, reducing the humidity level will prevent us from the heat related problems in summer seasons. How to measure, reduce, and increase humidity in a house?

Measuring the humidity

The humidity can be measured inexpensively by a humidistat. Humidistat is used to measure the level of humidity in indoor of home. In a good indoor home, the humidity should be maintained between 40%-60%.

This suggested level of humidity will not make any change in the normal life system. But unfortunately, in an ideal indoor, it lies as 45%-55%.

Maintain low humidity in summer is difficult because lots of moisture added to the air due to our daily activities like cooking, bathing, and showering are some of the sources of moisture.

Use the humidistat to measure the effectiveness of different moisture management. Some of the best tools are venting, cooling and heating. Fans in the bathrooms and kitchen vent fan are very effective when they are vented outside of the home.

Reducing the humidity

Heating and cooling systems manually control the humidity in indoor homes. In the summer season, the sun will be very hot so an excess of water can be evaporated from the environment as well as from the human body. This is not good for health; it will create many health problems like skin rashes and over sweating.

It’s important to use the air conditioner, which makes the indoor cool. This makes the home comfort to the family. We can use air conditioners on mild weather to humidity. An air cooler will make the heated air as cool air.

Increasing the humidity

In the winter season, there is a need for humidity control. Low humidity will effect on the dry skin, damaging the respiratory system and cause eye defects.

Many viruses can survive longer in low humidity, which will increase the risk of getting sick. To protect ourselves in winter, we need to increase the humidity level by using air conditioners or humidifiers. If you have trouble choosing a humidifier, check out Health Essential for the buying guide.