Haflinger AT Slipper for Women with Heel Pain

haflinger womens at slippers

The Haflinger ATC features will be the aspects of the traditional Haflinger slipper with a hard durable sole. This slipper will come in the speckled wool that will give them enough detail to stand out without being loud. Once you have a slide on a pair of Haflinger ATC slipper then you will never want to take them off.

The Haflinger AT wool outdoor slipper will be built for comfort and versatility. This slipper will be constructed of beautiful natural wool that will keep your feet at the right temperature in the cold environment. It absorbs the moisture to keep your feet dry. The insole liner will absorb the moisture and it is set on top of latex. The molded arch will support to provide an appropriate fit and better alignment. The waterproof rubber outsole will be included in the design for indoor and outdoor wear.

Haflinger AT Slipper Review

Haflinger will be creating high-quality shoes and slippers that will utilize the naturally lightweight and then it is breathable properties of wool. This slipper will be a wide range of styles for women and men. Haflinger footwear will provide you the cushion by incorporating the natural materials like latex and cork. This is comfortable designs with supportive footbeds and convenient slip-on designs. This slipper will offer leather styles in the trusted designs and the materials will be increased durability.

Haflinger slippers will be the first slipper to bring boiled wool technology and the material that will be infused with wellness properties. The softness will be the most comfortable feet imaginable and latex foot beds will give you total support. This same foot bed and feet to walk naturally will keep the whole body aligned properly.

The boiled wool will upper fits around the foot to wear the slipper the more it will mold to your foot.

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