What is The Best Wireless Headset for Truck Drivers?


Most smartphones will support Bluetooth and many of them will believe that using a headset will help them when they are travelling. The Plantronics voyager legend will be identified by its black color and it is located on the side of the unit near the magnetic charging port.

Plantronics released the Voyager legend targeting the driver frequently. Bluetooth headset will require the hands-free communication the device will offer. The firmware will be constantly updated to rival technological.


The Voyager Legend will make your times with your music memorable and enjoyable. This will be crafted with the quality and it is indeed one of the best Bluetooth headsets for truckers.

1. Design

Its design will be comfortably curved ear lobe and the material of the globe will be made. The users of these Bluetooth earphones will utilize it for a longer duration. The weight of the headset will be less and you will not feel the weight on your ears.

2. Noise reduction

This Bluetooth headset device will come with a windscreen. The windscreen will be made of stainless steel and you will be relaxed about the longevity and maintenance. This will help to keep unnecessary noise under check.

3. Connectivity

This headset will be paired to Smartphone’s and you will answer the calls from the phone at any time. This Bluetooth headset will be connected to devices like tablet, Smartphone, computer, and laptops.

It will be a large over-ear headset with the long battery life. This features a magnetic and snap-fit connection that will make charge quick and easy. This Bluetooth will pair up with two devices simultaneously. It will have clear sound, comfortable fit, and long battery life. For drivers, this Bluetooth headset will be recommended. If you don’t like it, you can find other suggestions on TruckerTalk.

User Reviews

James – Fits very well and the buttons are well placed easy to find and handy. It will allow me to press a button and ask a question like battery life, connection or pair mode,call back or cancel. The sound is great I am getting no complaints anymore about the quality like I did with my old headphone.

David R. Cohen – Great hands-free device. Long battery usage (7 hours talk time when 100% charged) which lasts for several days with moderate usage.

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